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So I was failed even though my marks were the same as hers and she was passed, and then, like, the next year she stayed back. INGRID AND RACHEL AITKEN: For us it was really great, initially, when we were younger - you're a bit of a novelty, everyone sort of paid attention to you and came and talked to you and went, "Oh, they're sweet, they're twins." But as we got into those teenage years and we were trying to forge our identities and we were going through that stage where we were trying to differentiate ourselves and do what all teenagers and adolescents do and say, "I'm an individual, I'm like this," and you found that suddenly people couldn't even tell you the difference and it was like...almost like you didn't have a personality, like you didn't have an identity.Definitely I found that the hardest part, the teenage years. JENNY BROCKIE: And you have particular problems sometimes with dating and with boys, didn't you?And I think being a twin is Mother Nature's revenge on society. PAUL AND PETER STEFANIW: It's just exactly that - the identity is one of the key issues.And a lot of people sort of say - if you're at a party and only one person or one twin is there - "What's your brother doing? " So they try and ask you the question, hoping that you will give them the same answer. JENNY BROCKIE: You wouldn't let it happen, you would try to separate your identities. And Bridgette and Paula do seem to be a little bit at that other extreme - they're very, very close in so many ways. You're looking at me as if I'm the weirdest person in the world for asking. And when Kate and I would have that problem, we had a saying - we'd go, "I'm saying this, I'm saying this." And we talked over each other when we were younger so we wouldn't let that happen. JENNY BROCKIE: So, again, there's a bit of competition in the relationship, rather than wanting Have you two ever felt competitive? DR NANCY SEGAL, TWIN STUDIES CALIFORNIA STATE UNI: Well, we find that most identical twins are socially closer than fraternal twins but there's a lot of variation in the twin bond, as you can see from the twins in your studio.And I think that's also how we ended up getting interested in psychology, too, because we tended to look, I think, below the surface a lot more and started to look at what were the differences between people, and I think that's how we both ended up as psychologists. I've had several of her ex-boyfriends try to get back together with me. JENNY BROCKIE: That wouldn't do a lot for your sense of yourself, would it?And occasionally I'd never met them, you know, "Get away from me! JENNY BROCKIE: And also one of you told a story about being asked out by some guy and I think one of you knocked him back and so he just asked the other one instead. INGRID AND RACHEL AITKEN: No, you feel a little bit interchangeable. How serious can some of these issues get for identical twins?

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I was looking at the looks on the faces of some of the other twins.

PROFESSOR DAVID HAY, CURTIN UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY: I think the issue of comparison is a really big one.

Because I work a lot with twin children, in particular, trying to persuade parents and teachers and society that in fact twins can be individuals by doing the same thing.

Yes, we did have our own twin language, though, when we were little, and our mum and dad and brothers and sisters didn't know what we were talking about or saying. Do you ever get irritated by one another finishing your sentences? When we were younger and we would I understand how they talk exactly at the same time because they pretty much know everything exactly the same, and that constructs how you word your sentences. What do some of the rest of you think watching that? I know with us, we're probably too competitive, so if I'm telling a funny story I want to tell it where he'll probably want to tell it so we just, as they said, we talk over each other and try and, you know, try and be the better one to tell the funny story. What's more common - for twins to be bound together the way we've seen Paula and Bridgette, or determined to try to establish some individuality?

Because, I mean, it's not that we don't understand the bond that they feel but we've just noticed, because we've been surrounded by twins our entire lives, that every set reacts differently. Nancy Segal in Los Angeles, you're a psychologist who studies twins.

You always know what your sibling is doing but we're actually individuals, so as we get older we lead our own lives, but they still treat you as one.

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