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25-Feb-2016 20:19

ex : admin can see all pages, mod can only see chat system page :: Managed Accounts - the admin area should be able to add accounts -- they should be addable by typing Profile id or Username, ass well being able to type in profile ID range to add several accounts at once. it should have a list of Managed accounts, showing info such as profile image : name : age : location : and a section for a fake message ( like in the [url removed, login to view] file ) --- Chat system page (( the chat system supplied might work for this )) Chat system should be like the mail system in oxwall / facebox but on this page you will be able to recieve all messages from the managed accounts, and will be able to send out from those accounts as well.

the Right side should show incoming messages like in facebook but it will also have the person they are sending it to listed.

DJ Catalog 2 has an extended directory extension tutorial section where you can find many thematic articles, and learn more about the directory component.

These tutorials can be for beginner and advanced users as well.

DJ-Catalog2 directory extension also comes with flexible Joomla ACL support.

You can also allow directory extension users to choose the best layout style of the listing (the handy switch that allows changing the table view to grid/blog view).

you can see how that is managed in the files attached.

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