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06-Jun-2016 09:05

There have been articles upon articles with so-called experts giving their perspectives and telling us what to do to help solve the problem.But I have yet to find an answer that will lead to a solution. The focus is on what seems to be a lopsided ratio of boys to girls. One of the most frequent ‘answers’ given is that boys tend to wait until they are about 23 to get married. That creates a pool that includes young women aged 19 to 23 - all competing for this one age group. Nonetheless this is what proposed solutions are addressing."It is our hope, that every older single who had to endure this nisayon, will find her zivug bkarov," they say.It seems that instead of getting any better, the Shiddach crisis is getting worse.

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This mindset used to belong exclusively to the Charedi yeshiva world.

The boy must be the same age (within 1 year) or younger.

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