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Some Fix Fics use a Peggy Sue to get the ball rolling. Usually a side effect of Die for Our Ship or He's Just Hiding. Either they can be an Alternate Universe Fic that ignores the unwanted elements and replace them with something better. Not to be confused with a which is a novel composed of older and/or unpublished short pieces of fiction, often tied together with some sort of Framing Device.

Or they can be a Pseudocanonical Fic taking the form of an elaborate explanation in story form that gives a whole new spin to the latest episode/chapter/volume. If different writers in the same franchise try to impose their view of canon on each other by force, see Armed with Canon. For that, see Patchwork Story, or this nice discussion on Wikipedia.

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Other key members included Arthur Craven, Florine Stettheimer, and the Baroness Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven, credited by some with proposing the idea for Fountain to Duchamp.

After opening a short-lived art gallery on Madison Avenue, which showed work by Higgins, Ono, Jonas Mekas, Ray Johnson, Flynt and Young, Maciunas moved to Wiesbaden, West Germany, having taken a job as a graphic designer with the US Air Force in late 1961 after the gallery had gone bust.