Facts about interracial dating

02-Jul-2016 19:07

The reason Rob Parker felt his “questions” about RG3’s blackness were justified is because he says Black America asks the very same questions about Black men who date interracially and the truth is, he’s NOT wrong about that point – The way she speaks completely justifies Rob’s point because if this woman (and many of you who thumbed up her comment) buy into the BULLSH*T that Black men are out here specifically choosing white women over Black women because we HATE black skin, then you CAN ask if RG3 is a self-hating, cornball COON.Let me state this unequivocally so everyone can take this factoid in correctly: 95% of Black males marry Black women.Before I told my boyfriend about my insecurities, he would say things that hurt my feelings, like joking that I obviously like something that black people stereotypically like, like Kool Aid.Or he would say things like, “I like how your hair is puffy, not just straight.” Yeah, that might seem like a compliment, but it’s not when you can’t yet appreciate your hair type.This is what makes things so challenging for me: I’ve always seen everyone as equal, maybe because a lot of my family members are married to people of different races. Imagine walking into a store or restaurant with your boyfriend or girlfriend, holding hands, and getting mean looks from people for seemingly no reason at all. While I can understand that they come from a different time, where interracial relationships can seem strange and wrong, I still can’t understand why they can’t accept them. This kind of judgment, although mainly from strangers, can come from people that I come in contact with on a daily basis, too.I never fully realized how hard interracial relationships could be until I became a part of one. Sometimes people at school or work are surprised when they find out my boyfriend is white.

Discussing my feelings about race with him can be hard also.An anonymous contributing writer submitted this post as a Reader Submission for Gurl. If you’d like to submit your writing to Gurl, please send us an email at [email protected] am a very strong believer in love being love; no matter what gender, race, religion, age (well, within reason) the two people are.I don’t think that you can really choose who you fall for or who you’re attracted to.

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People don’t chose to be gay, just like people don’t chose to be straight; it’s just the way you’re born.

I am dating interracially at the moment after 5 years of trying to lock down a black man.

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