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16-Mar-2016 11:13

One of the world's only major watch brands to equip all its models with chronometer-certified movements, the ultimate token of precision, is also one of the rare companies to produce its own mechanical chronograph movements, entirely developed and manufactured in its own workshops.

This family business is also one of the last remaining independent Swiss watch brands.

At the entrance of the resort is a small, low-roofed log house labeled ‘Office’.

It may look small on the outside but once inside you’ll find it spacious.

Our rented 2-bedroom log cabin had a 12-foot wooden patio excellent for barbecuing or simply relaxing while watching turtles floating by at the nearby creek.

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Designed as a loft, the attic bedroom overlooks the living room.

You only wake up to the chirping of birds in the morning or sleep to the chirping of crickets and the croaking of frogs, sounds of nature that make your stay a perfect bliss.